Renaissance Artist (Brendan Dillon)


  • Born March 6, 1475 in Caprese, Italy
  • Most of his life was spent in Rome, Spain and Florence, Italy
  • His education was 1 year of appreciation art of Domenico Ghirlandajo, a Florence painter, then declared himself fully trained
  • Michelangelo was a religious man, his patrons were people like Pope Julius II, Medichi and Paul III he was dedicated to his work, never married
  • Michelangelo worked mainly on marble sculptures and pantings he created work like David and painted the inside of Sistine chapel those were just of he many projects
  • The two "isms" linked to him are Humanism-He wanted to study the natural world/new emphasis on human activity and Secularism-He put his own creations before religion

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The Work

  • David was created in Florence, Italy between 1501 to 1504
  • David can be found in the Academia (museum) in Florence, Italy
  • Significant because No religion, Observation of real world and Original
  • I find this interesting because of the detail crafted in one sculpture
  • This sculpture exemplifies Humanism because it studies the natural world/new emphasis on human activity

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Creator : Michelangelo
Title : David
Title : frontal view
Date : 1501-1504
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