Stand Up for the Silent

Stefania Gonzalez

Know Your Statistics

In schools, 77% of students will be verbally assaulted and 79% will be bullied online ("School Bullying Statistics." Bullying Statistics. Bullying and Harassment Prevention, n.d. Web. 02 Nov. 2014.). Bullying stops within seconds when someone intervenes 57% of the time. Over 90% of students report they have seen or heard bullying occurring in their school but only 4% report to an adult, 11% try to intervene themselves, and 85% goes unreported (NoBullying. "Bullying Statistics 2014." NoBullying Expert Advice On Cyber Bullying School Bullying. Web. 02 Nov. 2014).

Stand Up For Those Who Can't Stand Up For Themselves

One of the main reasons that bullying continues to happen in schools is because no one speaks up. To get involved with the prevention of bullying, use the hashtag #spreadlove to show your support to those being bullied and to put a stop to bullying. Don't forget to tell someone and step in if you see bullying happening.
Stand Up - Official Music Video for BULLY- Mike Tompkins