Shinies Love Letter #6

Consistency. Efficiency. Ownership.


Dear lovelies,

I hate to burst your bubble but we are 80% into our term, leaving us with only 69 days left to achieve the impact that we envision at the beginning of the term. It surprises me that I have mixed feelings typing this time's love letter. Part of me feels excited to buck up and really leave no regrets or shit behind for the next term. I'm not sure about you but the only feeling I want to have looking back at my journey is of gratitude and achievement. But another part of me feels disappointed. The cold harsh facts clearly shows that we have yet to achieve those goals, meaning there are so many lives out there that we have failed to engage and develop. They could have had this life-changing experience that could have made all the difference to their lives and those around them. But, we have yet to provide them the chance to do so.

However, beating yourself up and being overly self-critical would not do much good. Hey! We have 69 more days to make all the positive impact that we hope for! Let's gain back our momentum for this Summer Peak and RA-MA-RE like never before. Yes, studies, assignments and stress are piling up but if not now, when will you ever challenge yourself to do the unconventional and extraordinary. I mean, who would ever have 'Get Stressed' or 'Live Dangerously' in their list of To-Do's.

One of the greatest learnings of my three years in AIESEC is the importance of being FLEXIBLE. You need to be able to stretch your limits, conquer your fears and just do it. Strong purpose, determination and persistence are among the elements that would help you get through.

Let our actions speak on our behalves; the values that make us who we are.

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  • Current Standings
  • Programme Focuses for the next 2 months
  • NEB #6 Output
  • Cross The List
  • Resource Centre

Current Standings

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Q1 and Overall Performance

  • Big applause to iGTP and oGCP for overachieving in Raising for Q1!
  • We can definitely buck up more on Matching for all programmes by increasing our response rate to emails. Let's aim to reply all emails and enquiries within 36 hours!
  • Let's achieve 100% conversion rate from RA to MA and MA to RE.
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Data Analysis from past terms

  • Both oGCP and iGTP are showing steady growth but we can do better.
  • Match all forms for iGTP.
  • iGCP able to maintain Realisation number despite significant drop in Raise and Match.
  • 100% increase in oGTP Realisation thanks to our dear alumni, Wan Sin and Hoe Yen!

Programme Focuses for the next 2 months!


  • Internal Raising Campaign (LC subsidise members to go for exchange)
  • National Outgoing Preparation Seminar (OPS)
Objectives: EP preparation and matching for those not matched
Tentative Date: 9-10th May 2015
Suggested venue: UKM

  • Involve all LC members in making Summer Peak happen!
  • Make sure all EPs are raised, matched and realised on EXPA.
  • Make sure exchange is LEGAL (exchange EPAN before official matching is done).


  • LC Sales Campaign (Goal: 40 Raises)
  • CEEDer from India and Taiwan
  • Update TN JDs and description on EXPA
  • Increase talent capacity to Match EPs


  • NGO packaging
  • Taiwan Innovation Project (Realisation: June-July)
  • Match and Realise on EXPA


  • Sales strategy - Engage alumni database and fresh graduates (during convocation in May)
  • Match strategy - EP CV packaging (make sure CV is of certain standard before sending to other entities for screening)

NEB #6 Output

1. National Planning Meeting (NPM)

NPM vs. NatCon vs. LTC

- NPM focuses on planning as an LC and ensuring all entities are of the same level of knowledge to begin the term with

- NatCon focuses on implementation of plans and regional/LC-LC collaboration initiatives

- LTC focuses on team bonding and transition of local reality/GCPs

National Planning Meet

Date: 10-12th April 2015

Venue: FSTEP Hall, Kuala Lumpur

Attendance: All EB currents and elects

Note: LCTU will not be needing the accommodation provided

2. Regional Induction Conference (RIC)

Why RIC?

- Ensure alignment of message/conference objectives delivered by each entity

- Save resources required by each LC to organise their own LLDS

- Avoid LCs having to compete with each other for venue, chairs, facis, MCs

- Foster collaborative behaviour among LCs to achieve together as an entity


- SU, TU (RIC 1) Tentative date: 2nd week of September 2015

- UM, UKM, UTM, UMP, UPM (RIC 2) Tentative date: 4th week of September 2015




- Unimas


- 3 days, 2 nights

- RM40 per day (budget to be reviewed by MC)

- LCs only in-charged of securing venue, attendance, logistics, accommodation, OC of the event

- Cost sharing framework is up to the LCs involved

- Chair and facis to be secured by MC

- Agenda and session outlines by MC

3. Conference Bidding

National Convention

Bidders: UNMC, UUM, UTM

Winner: UNMC

My reasons: Experience organising NatCon 2014 with only 2 months preparation, stable reserve (RM45k), close proximity to us and also to the airport, reasonable conference fee inclusive of AMAN fee (RM250 - incampus accommodation, RM180 - outcampus accommodation), conducive hall and accommodation, senior members as OC

MyLDS 2016

Bidder: UTP

Winner: - (second round to be opened)

My reasons: Too high of a risk to secure RM25k external sponsorship, poor budgeting (only manage to breakeven), concern about talent capacity as it will be during their oGCP peak (Winter Peak), reserve (RM32k)

4. MC Structure update & JD

Organisational Development + Talent Management + LC Development (Mei Jin)

- LC Coach tracking and framework

- Member Productivity tracking

- LC performance and growth

- Organisational growth path

- Internal newsletter

Operations (Denise Tai)

- Ensure implementation of plans

- SOPs

- Conversion rate of effort to result

- MC Synergy

- Strategist for 4 programmes

- SONA (State of National Association) coordination (SONA: a survey filled up by all LCs quarterly for MC and AI to understand our realities and performance)

5. National Financial Report (highlights)

iGTP LinkedIn accounts

- 6 accounts (2 for MC, TU, SU, USM, UPM)

- RM9620 a year

iGTP CEEDership

- RM4200 (2 CEEDers)

- Goal: 30 Raises per CEEDer


- RM2000

- Subsidise chair and facis

iGCP Taiwan Innovation Project

- RM2000

- Yu Xiang and Jia Jun sent to Taiwan to discuss on this collaboration

Internal Raising Campaign (oGCP)

- RM8740

MC Team Day

- RM9127

Cross The List

iGCP Taiwan Innovation Project OC Application

Deadline: 9.00pm, 24th March 2015

LCVP Round 3 Application

Deadline: 11.59pm, 25th March 2015


Deadline: 2.59pm, 26th March 2015

Reapplication and Reallocation

Deadline: 29th March 2015

Internal Raising Campaign

Members are encouraged to take advantage of the subsidy to go for exchange in SUMMER!


Team leaders current and to-be's are encouraged to attend! :)

Resource Centre

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Me Love You Long Time! ♥ #rainbowumbrella