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What is Mialisia Jewelry?

Mialisia Jewelry is a brand new, patent pending line that is as versatile as the modern day Mom.We at Mialisia Jewelry believe that your jewelry is an extension of you and your personality. Founded by a SAHM of 4 boys, Annelise Brown came up with a concept that allows you to make a dozen different jewelry accessories using only a few pieces.

JEWELRY QUALITY – Mialisia's materials are from both USA and Asia depending on the cost of goods and availability of the materials. We have such confidence in our product line that we offer a limited lifetime warranty. Knowing that a company's reputation is naturally entwined with its product quality, we selected an American Representative in Asia to represent us and ensure any manufacturing overseas meets our strict quality expectations. In the three years prior to evolving into Mialisia and 1 million dollars in sales during that time, only 1 item has ever been returned..

PRICE POINTS - $10-$90 with avg range of $26-$36.

Mialisa's Founding Family.... Sean & Annelise Brown with their four boys

Why Should you Join my Mialisia Family?

A little about me and my vision....

It's lovely to meet you! My name is Tiffany Rose and I am excited that you have taken the time to visit my site. I know that if you are interested in joining my team or hosting a party with me, you will want to know a little more about who I am.

I am a wife that is totally and irrevocably in love with her husband. I am also a proud Mom of 3 young children. These four gifts of love are the reason I live and breathe! They are also a big reason I joined the Mialisia Jewelry family. Like our founder, I am a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) and have been for nearly seven years. I have been blessed with this role in life and would have never changed one second of it. It has been tough at times; mostly financially more than anything. I know that my children have "wants" and "needs," but they also have dreams. It is my mission and duty as a Mom to help make these dreams become a reality. In most cases, this is something that you have to be financially ready for.

I am a very goal oriented person. I like to set goals and then boldly go after them. I know that I have been brought to Mialisia Jewelry for a reason too. I have been in direct sales (home party sales) before and I know that building a team is like building a family. I like getting to know you and help you rise to the top and reach your goals. After looking over my site and seeing what Mialisia Jewelry has to offer, I hope that you would consider joining my team and making your child's dreams (and yours) come true!

Only $49 to Reserve Your Spot

BUSINESS KITS – There are 2 business kits available.

$199 and $599. The large kit IS ON DISCOUNT during prelaunch only, $499 (save $100!). This is the preferred kit option as is $1600 in value and provides enough jewelry to excite party guests and hosts as they watch your party demonstration (interchanging pieces, creating value in the items you are selling because of their versatility)

DEMO KITS – Demo kits are on schedule to ship end of month. This is the $39.99 optional, additional kit to put something IN YOUR HANDS during prelaunch. Encourage every recruit you sign to take advantage. This will help them to recruit locally. Demo kits will include a “concept booklet” that will highlight the versatility of our line and have a tear-off page at the end for people to contact you and book party.

Let's Talk!!!!

I would love to help you join this company and begin living your dreams!! We are brand new! Our company will take out our tax deductions for us!! How about that for AWESOME! Join under me and you too, will be part of the largest Mialisia Jewelry team in the US!


Tiffany Rose