Abstince Until Marriage

By: Nathan Minton

Why you should wait until marriage?

There are many reasons you should wait  until marriage, but some of the reasons are, Money, Time, resposablity, and able to do what you would like to do.


Has there ever been a time when you have wanted something, well if you had a child at a young age and did not have a job, than you would probably not have the money to get anything you want or need because you would be speending it on the doctors bill or on the child.


If you had a child at a young age like 16-19 than you would probably miss alot of important things in your life, for exzample: Prom, College, going out with friends and getting your license.


Responsability is a big thing, the older you get the more responsabilty you get. Responsabilyty can be hard at sometimes, like if you drive it my be getting yourself to school or more homework or even walking your dog. So think about being responsable for yourself time two.

My Opinion

So my opinion is that if you have a child at the age of 16-19 than you will basicly louse you whole life and will not be able to live life like you think.