The Death of Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe was a well-known film actress and pinup girl. She was known for her looks, style, and her mind as well as a sex symbol. She had a rough childhood that consisted of orphanages and foster homes which ended in psychological problems. Marilyn had pre-performance anxiety which would make her physically sick often hurting her career. Although she put on a smile and looked as if she was fine, she struggled with a string of unsuccessful marriages and relationships. Many things caused her to abuse drugs and alcohol such as, her lack of self-esteem, sexual abuse, depression, absence of her father, neuroticism, and her lack of ability to express herself.

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Feminist Criticism

Marilyn stood for women's rights and showed that women were powerful too. She wasn't the usual image a woman would have back then. Many women looked up to her and wanted to be like her.

Historical Criticism

Marilyn Monroe is still talked about to this day. She is an icon. Her acting, modeling, death and many of her quotes are still talked about every day. A lot of people still are trying to solve the mystery of her death.

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Monroe in the Media

Many people thought of Monroe being a very iconic figure. There are some positive and negative aspects the media focuses on. In some newspaper articles showed her as a happy women because "no matter what was going on or what happened in the past, Monroe was always strong and taught women they should do the same" - Mike Harding

Other articles definitely focused on her being a sex symbol. Some frowned upon her modeling nude for magazines and calendars.

How Did She Die? Suicide? Or Murder.


Marilyn's cause of death was said to be a barbiturate overdose. It was told that she had taken 64 pills and died face down, naked in her bed with the door locked. Her house maid, Eunice Murray, found her face down in her bed with no sheets on or anything. The ambulance was called and she was pronounced dead at the hospital.


Many people suspected that Marilyn Monroe was murdered by one of the Kennedy brothers. She was known to have had an affair with the both of them and she had threatened to let out their secrets. If Monroe really overdosed then why did she have no water or alcohol to help swallow all 64 pills? Why were there no pills in her stomach or in her blood stream? Why was her window broken from the inside? Her death looked as if it was staged with her bed all made with fresh linens and she was completely naked with the door locked. Plus, the ambulance was called at 10 pm and they actually arrived at 3 in the morning.

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What Do I Believe?

I believe the star was brutally murdered. From doing research I have changed my perspective from thinking she just overdosed to thinking that Bobby Kennedy intentionally killed her. I have read over and over that she had a little red book that she wrote all of the Kennedy's secrets in and she was going to reveal them. Bobby Kennedy wanted to find that book so he and two of his men used an enema filled with broken down pills to make her unconscious. They used about 13-19 Nembutals and 17 chloral hydrates. When the ambulance came she was barely breathing and the paramedic was trying to save her when her psychiatrist came in and injected her in the heart and intentionally broke her rib in the process. There were many signs that pointed towards murder but the media covered it up to protect the Kennedys.
May 7, 2015