WiMax coming to Atherstone soon..

Why you should choose WiMax?

WiMAX is the next generation (4G) of wireless. This type of signal has much broader access than the WiFi signal, meaning that you can connect to the NMU network from more places off campus than ever before.people can use wireless access point so that multiple users can be online at the same time with only one subscription and no slow-down. Our Business customers should work with our dedicated sales team to find a plan that will support all of your business needs, no matter how big or how small.

There is many different devises you can use with WiMax including:

Advantages of WiMax

WiMax advantages are: It stands worldwide for loads of people 10 miles away will be able to use it with very fast speed.The WiMax Network providing much higher speed and very long range as compared to WiFi Technology.

Atherstone Broadband Society!

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