Mt. Rushmore

By: Aidan Shimmick

Why it Was Built

Mt. Rushmore was built to honor 4 presidents of the United States. It honored George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt


Mt. Rushmore is located in the Black Hills National Park. It took 14 years to make and many people were brought to make the Monument. To create such big holes in the mountain side they put TNT were it was needed. Scientist say the faces of the presidents will still be seen even 100,000 years from now. Mt. Rushmore was meant to honor 4 of our amazing presidents and it has done just that.


At Mt. Rushmore you can camp at reserved camping areas. You can go mountain biking and many more activities up the mountain to stand on the faces of our 4 presidents. There are also pet exercise areas.


The chart below is the annual climate of Mt. Rushmore.
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Cool Facts

  • In 100,000 years all 4 presidents faces will still be visible.
  • It took 14 years for 400 men to create Mt. Rushmore.
  • 3 million people visit Mt. Rushmore a year.

Indians by Mt. Rushmore

The Sioux tribe lived in the badlands and travel all over the rocks where Mt. Rushmore was built. Indians were not mentioned during the speech of Mt. Rushmore.