Week of 10-20-14


During collaboration Lisa will be going over career information and Sibert will be going over DC lessons.

I will also discuss meeting with students to set new goals and check how many goals students met from the 1st nine weeks.

Mad Ants

The high school athletic department is hosting a Mad Ants game on November 6th at the high school and will be promoting the event on the 22nd. We tried to plan it out so they were coming during lunch but due to time constraints it was difficult. So, the plan is the Mad Ant along with some high school students will be at the school from 9:05-9:50.

We won't be having a full school assembly for their visit but they will be in some classrooms. If you are planning on testing during that period or don't want interrupted please just close your door during that time.

Essentially, Nick David and the Mad Ant will come into your room to let students know about the evening and then quickly move to the next classroom. During NE time we will have flyers to handout to all of the students with information.

Honors Breakfast

This week we will be having our 7th and 8th grade awards breakfast. We will be sending out a list of students that will come down in the morning for the breakfast. Red/Purple team teachers will be helping with these awards and Lisa will be sending out coverage schedule.

We will also have a modified schedule for those days with NE time being first thing in the morning.

New Staff Member

Nicholas Timmerman is our new Social Studies teacher. He is an East Noble graduate and is currently teaching at Fort Wayne Community. He will be a great addition to our Middle School family. His first official day will be this Friday.

School Board Meetings

An additional school board meeting has been scheduled for this Wednesday at the corporation office.

The middle school will be hosting the school board meeting on the 29th. If there is something that you would like to present on that evening please let me know.

Penny War Message from F.O.R. Club

Would you mind adding to your weekly notes that we HAVE heard from the following people for the Penny War/Potential Pie in the face. They have until 3:15 on Monday to say whether they want to participate or not, if they do not respond by then, they are automatically a YES for the Penny War/Pie. Thanks!


Kevin I

Andy D












Sandy David






Kevin Allison


Office Staff:

Monday- Andy and Lisa out for special education meeting- 8:30-12:00

Tuesday- Andy out 8:30-12:00 for DOE meeting

Wednesday- Andy and Lisa out for special education meeting- 8:30-12:00

Bill, hopefully returning on Tuesday

No Excuse Time:

Thursday- DC Lesson

Team Collaborations:

Wednesday- Orange Team during NE time

Team Leader Meeting:

We have a team leader meeting on Monday