The Book Theif

By Markus Zusak

Genre Fiction


One day Liesal is living with her mom the next thing she knew was that she was on a train to a foster home. He brother was dead and she will never see her mother again.

Her brothers funeral left her with one thing , a book that she could not read. The book helped her draw close to her papa, Hans Huberman. He taught her to read the book. She also met a boy named Rudy playing soccer. The boy was a member of Hitler youth. Together they steal food and books for the mayors library.

Soon a Jew shows up seeking refuge. and everything changes. His name is Max. He hides in the basement for months. he reads and writes to pass the time but then has to go escape the Nazis. What will happen to Max?

Who would enjoy this book?

People who like Historical fiction or realistic fiction would like this book. The suspense of it will get keep you going.

Real Life Facts

  • 90% of all Germans were Nazis. Her Papa was in the 10%.
  • IF you helped a Jew, you were drafted into the war with a terrible position.
  • IF you even touched a Jew you were wiped.

MY Rating of 1 to 5; 3

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