Ellis Elementary ART!

Art news from our colorful class!

Let it Snow!!

1st graders are learning to cut snowflakes using the magic number 3: fold 3 times, cut off all 3 corners, and cut something out of all 3 sides! Look for our snowflakes at Ellis!

Snowflakes created by Dustin in Mrs. Swinford's class!

Christmas Gift Ideas with Artsonia!

Custom gifts are available through Artsonia, the online children's art museum. Your child's artwork can be featured on cards, mugs, ornaments, tshirts, and more! Holiday cards are available at a discount price and there is a BONUS OFFER: 25% off any one regular price item! Use the code HOLIDAYFUNDS15. (expires on Dec. 14, 2015) All purchases raise funds for our school art program.

Fourth Graders are working on some Christmas surprises! Keep an eye out on Christmas morning!

6th Grade Weavings

6th graders are using their problem-solving skills to test out different weaving techniques and learning a whole new vocabulary: Loom, warp, and weft! Be watching for their weavings in the hallways of the middle school and on Artsonia!
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Winter Trees

Kindergartners are cutting trees using a folded paper and zigzag lines! John has created a forest!

Ballet Artworks

5th graders looked at ballet paintings by the French artist Edgar Degas and created their own version of a ballet dancer with a snowflake tutu!

Art Teacher: Mrs. Porter

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