Marco Polo, an Amazing journey

By: Zach Barban


Marco Polo was a very famous explorer from the 13th century. He traveled all the way from his home in Venice Italy to China! Few people realize (If you even knew who Marco Polo was before today) that Marco traveled with his whole family. You also have to remember that Marco's trip took place about 800 years ago! also note that most people never left their towns or cities during Marco's time. Partly because their only transportation was their feet and boats but that didn't stop Marco!

Marco's Childhood

Marco's childhood was the highlight of his life. From this whole thing you now know that Marco was an explorer and that he was a cool person and all that rif-raf. Although I am realizing that I never told you that HE LEFT HOME WHEN HE WAS THIRTEEN! Yup I just realized that. (No of course I realized that I was just waiting for a good time to SPRING it on you!) I also just realized 2 months ago that I never told you that Marco Was gone for 24 YEARS! Marco is quite an explorer.
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Marco's traits should now be obvious to anyone who has bothered to read the last two paragraphs you would know that Marco Polo is very brave and adventurous. Actually. his whole family was brave and adventurous. Those are of Marco's clearest traits but inside he has many more... I am not even going to tell them to you. Okey okey I'll tell them to you. Marco is also (look one way look the other way) EXAGERATIVE! I know this is news but it's true. At least that's what historians say. when Marco was dying his friends begged him to tell them if his stories were true. all Marco said was "I only told half of what I saw. (Although he said that the Khan had magic servants that could make goblets fly through the air!


Marco Polo had many obstacles during his adventure. Years ago the Polos had stumbled upon the palace of Kublai Khan. He was ruler of the whole Mongolian empire which took up most of Asia at the time. Eventually after living with the Khan for awhile he asked Marco to bring two things for him. Number one was to get some oil from a holy fountain. Number two was to bring back 100 priests from the pope. Pope Gregory III to be exact. He went all the way to the pope. when he finally made it he found out that the pope had died soon before he arrived. So the Polo's waited for a new pope to be elected. They waited and waited and waited. After 3 years (notice that we are measuring in years here!) The Polo's gave up hope. (I would give up 3 years before that!) They went to get the holy oil from the fountain without the priests. The Polos had only been walking for a day when they found out a new pope had finally been elected! The Polos sped back to the new pope. They asked the pope for 100 priests he said NO WAY! When they told him the Khan had sent them they compromised and the pope agreed to give him 2 bishops. The Polo's accepted the offer and went to get the oil. Along the way they passed through Egypt in the middle of a war. The bishops got scared and ran away! Now all the Polo's could get was the oil! Which they did successfully mostly because the oil couldn't run away! When they got back to the Khan. He was not mad (Marco and his family were glad!) So this problem worked out for the Polo's!
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So as you know Marco was a great explorer and a very important part of world history. He and his family traveled very far and overcame many obstacles. He and a prison mate (Marco was captured during a war) even wrote a book about his travels. That book has been published in over 70 languages and is how today we know so much about him. You have to be pretty awesome to have a book in 70 languages all about you just saying. I learned from Marco Polo that a determined mind and a brave mind can get you very far! Congratulations to Marco Polo!
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