Paw Prints

Norfolk Junior High School

By Noaeth Matteotholomew

Nursery Rhyme

Country Woman Pranked Senseless

This just in, Marilyn Brownbottom put mouse poison in her cupboard because mice were eating her Oreos. The three mice,Marty, Mort, and Mickey, were blinded by the poison.They reacted by pulling harsh pranks on poor Mrs. Brownbotttom. The mice put a boxing glove inside of a jack in the box and put it in her plate cupboard so that when Marilyn opened it, it would punch her in the face. She received a black eye from this. The mice then decided to put a trapdoor in the floor of the Brownbotttom’s home. When she walked over it, she fell into the basement where she was repeatedly hit by jack in the boxes.She was given another black eye. She had one black eye before, and now she has another one, so that makes two black eyes.When she recovered, she trapped the three mice and sliced their tails off with a carving knife.She is presently being chased by the three mice. We'll keep you updated.

Feature Story

The History of Pogo Sticks.

The Pogo stick was invented by George Hansburg in Germany in 1919. Original pogo sticks were wooden sticks with a steel spring but they were given a steel frame after they warped on the humid boat ride overseas. Pogo sticks were being manufactured in Elmhurst, NY .The Master Pogo, a pogo stick with a longer lasting spring ,was invented in 1947. Hansburg taught the Ziegfeld Follies girls how to ride pogo sticks and Ziegfeld featured a marriage on pogo sticks. Hansburg’s factory was called SBI Enterprises. Although pogo sticks were most popular in the 20’s, people still use them today as toys or for exercising. They can help burn calories or perfect your balance. Pogos are sold in the Gimble Brothers’ Department store. Some new pogos have elastic bands instead of steel springs so the can be more elastic. Elasticity is what makes pogo sticks work after all. Sometimes kids use pogo sticks but adults use them for extreme pogoing. Pogo sticks are made of iron and little bits of carbon. Broadway has had scenes and entire shows on pogo sticks. pogo sticks have never stopped being manufactured since they were invented. A new kind of air powered pogo stick was invented in 2001 made out of aircraft grade aluminium because it is light and durable. They use aluminium because it is also easy to cast. People have tried using pogo sticks for alternate purposes too. They have been used as shock-absorbing legs for robots, jumping machines for exploring the moon, and contractors could use them to support bridges and arches under construction. Some people have even made a spin off of the pogo stick: The Bogo. It uses a composite bow to propel instead of a spring or band. App Review

I like pie

Pandora radio is one of the most popular places to get free internet radio because of its large selection.Pandora has had only taken on 2 major changes in its history.It traded its old white background for a new cool blue one . On the top of the screen there is a very organized menu bar with options to pause/play the current track, like or dislike the current track,or search for a new song or artist.You can either sign up using facebook or straight through your e-mail. Pandora never stops playing music when one song ends a new box comes up with a new song and more info.

Cartoon Survey

I like Adventure Time and Pie

Adventure Time: 42%

Regular Show:23%

Phineas and Ferb:27%

The Marvelous Misadventures of FlapJack:8%


Reasons to Agree and Disagree

The school board is considering reorganizing the school week. They are suggesting that there be four school days rather than five. Each school day would then be two hours longer. Support your position for/against this issue.

I agree because we could take three day vacations, have more class time for homework, and have more time on the weekends to spend with our families, but I disagree because when school gets out it would be about 5:30 and if you do sports you couldn’t go home until around 8:00. If you couldn’t go home until 8:00 PM, there would be no time to do fun stuff after school

Movie Review

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most WAnted

The animals that are stuck in Africa are trying to get home to the zoo in New York, but on their journey they wound up running away with the circus when a crazy animal control lady tries to kill them. They were trying to help reinvent the circus to make people like it again.

Motivational Add

I like Dirt Bikes And Pie.

Never stop believing that you can be anything you want if you work hard and take risks