Ronald Mcdonald House

What they do

Many families who have hospitalized children often have trouble with money, housing, and even getting a decent meal while they visit their kids. The Ronald McDonald House Charities do multiple things to help these families. From providing them with housing near the hospital their child is staying at, to even helping deal with financial issues like basic medical help. The purpose of RMHC is to make life for the families easier.

Additional Info

Family Rooms

Along with helping families with housing, RMHCs also provide families with a place to regroup in the hospitals themselves. Family Rooms have basic essentials like a kitchen, showering facilities, and sleeping rooms. These rooms allow the families to rest and relax in a nice familiar environment in the same building as their sick child. This way they can be there for their child if they need them.

Care Mobile Programs

The Ronald McDonald care mobiles are just that, mobile caring centers. They provide health education, treatments for the sick, counseling, blood donations, screenings, physicals, and many more things under developed countries can't afford to have. These programs are not only all around the U.S, but they're also available world wide.


Ronald McDonald House Charities also award millions of dollars to other non-profit organizations like Carolina For Kibera, Partners in Health, Reach Out and Read, and many more. These grants extend the reach of the RMHCs while benefiting other organizations out to help those in need.

Ronald McDonald House Charities and Care Mobiles are international and available all around the U.S.A and world wide.