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Device for transfer of heat- Heat Pumps

Device for transfer of heat- Heat Pumps

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Heat pumps are the devices which are used to transfer heat. That is the main job or work of the heat pump is to produce heat energy from the source to the destination. The heat pumps are designed mainly for the achievement of moving the heat energy to the direction of the flow of heat from warmer place to cold place or from cold place to warmer place. This heat pump uses power to do its work and the main aim of the heat pump is to transmit energy from the source to the sink called heat sink.

Examples of heat pumps and working:

Freezers and air conditioner generally called as AC are the most used example of these heat pumps. This pump will transfer the heat energy or thermal energy from one place to another. That is from source top the destination. Usually in these Heat Pumps the destination will be a sink known as heat sink. Here you go: For space cooling and space heating, these heat pumps will usually be used. The cycle used in these heat pumps are the normal energy cycle which will be used in the refrigerators. The cycle which is used in the refrigerator is called as refrigeration type cycle. The energy cycle of the heat pump is similar to the energy cycle of refrigerator. The heat will generally be generated from the sources such as cool and chill external air or from the earth which is nothing but the ground. The heat pumps will generally work in the thermal direction. The main work of the heat pump is to provide either cooling or heating to a special internal space. A reverse valve is present in the heat pump. This valve is used to the reverse the process of the heat pump. Usually in the pump the refrigerant flow from the outer coil known as evaporator and this thermal energy will be taken from the air present outside the pump.

Modes of the heat pump:

There are initially two modes in a heat pump. That is a heating mode or a cooling mode. In the heating mode the external coil is called as evaporator and the internal coil is called as condenser. Once you make use of the reversing valve, then the process will get changed. That is, the flow of the refrigerant from compressor through the evaporation coils and condenser.