The Life of Dat-So-La-Lee

By: Maris

Early Life

Dat-So-La-Lee was born in 1829 near the area that is now the mining town of Sheridan.

Her given name was Dabuda. When she was older she cooked and cleaned for the miners and their wives.


Dabuda went to the mining town of Monitor in Alpine County, California to work for the Harris Cohn family as a servant in 1871. She first got married to "Lame Tom" who died of consumption, in 1888 she married Charlie Keyser which changed her name to Louisa Keyser.


Dat-So-La-Lee is also known for her degikup baskets, This type begins with a small, circular base, extends up and out to a maximum circumference, then becomes smaller until the opening at the top is roughly the same diameter as the base.


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Dat-So-La-Lee died on December 6, 1925 she died peacefully and inspired many people to weave baskets.