Claire's Christmas Wish List

An Interactive Experience to Engage Santa

Dear Santa,

I understand that reading millions of handwritten letters with rudimentary drawings and ineligible handwriting must be very tedious for you. Bearing this in mind, I've designed a comprehensive mini-website that will present my wishes in a merry and bright fashion!

I appreciate any consideration you provide when reviewing this. I promise I've tried my best to be nice! For your enjoyment, kindly turn on your computer's volume. As you peruse this list, holiday carols will play, rendering your experience even more jolly.




Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Brenda Lee by christmas2011playlist
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Either regular or plus - i trust santa's judgement

Cute, Preppy Outfits

Specifically, I would love some vests for layering and cute shirts to go underneath. A herringbone vest would be fabulous, as well as cute jeans (like white). Some examples are available here.
Every car needs a little flair! For an example, click on the title to be directed to the website.
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Dream big: Samsung Smart tv

Junior year is about to get rough, and I'll need something to keep me company as I burn the midnight oil. What better way to pretend everything's fine and happy than by having a super sick TV talking in the background?

Intangible items

Admission into Stanford

By the time next Christmas rolls around, results will be out! Keep this on your mind Santa, and intervene as necessary.

2400 on the SAT

Do what you can to make sure I get perfect. Maybe a bribe to College Board for me?

Straight A's Junior Year

Maybe slip Mrs. Spicer a couple of Benjamins to ensure that my transcript is squeaky clean.

President of Virginia DECA

Maybe grant me a super cute idea for a theme for my campaign? I know your elves are creative!

Where to find me, in case your location systems are down

Feel free to reach me at any of the aforementioned locations to clarify.

Look at that picture! Look how professional and nice that girl looks! She looks like she deserves to be on the nice list!

As always, I love you very much. Thanks for making this holiday unforgettable and magical. You rock my socks off.