John Harvey

Greeneries and Plants

Without Photosynthesis life as we know it wouldn’t exist. If we didn’t have plants, our food, animals, wouldn’t have any food, and thus, us humans wouldn’t have any food. Plants are way-way more important to us than we think… that’s why we need to begin to plant more and more plants and greeneries.

About Photosynthesis

· The energy transformation that happens during photosynthesis is Radiant (light) to Chemical (glucose)

· Plants use Radiant energy to transform it from sunlight to food for their own consumption so they can survive

· Plants need energy from the sun and they need their Chlorophyll to fill up its Chloroplasts so Photosynthesis can occur

· Photosynthesis produces Glucose(food)

· 6 H20 + 6 CO2 = Radiant Energy + C6 H12 O6 + 6 O2 is the equation for Photosynthesis (H2O= Water CO2= Carbon Dioxide C6 H12 O6= Glucose)

· Chloroplasts make Photosynthesis, and without it, Photosynthesis wouldn’t happen

· Plants get their energy from the Sun

· Plants are the food for animals, so without plants, animals would have a difficult time surviving, and if animals don’t survive, we won’t have any food, and we as humans would not be able to survive

· Plants are at the bottom because everything in the world eats some form of plant


Why I think we need to plant more trees and create more Greeneries is because one: it is good for our environment, and gives us more Oxygen, and two: the more plants we have, the more animals will be able to survive, and the more animals that can survive, the more food we humans have, and the more and more easier it is for us to survive as a whole.