Top 10 Featured Android games

For All Game Lovers

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Great Little War Game 2 :

The very first that comes up on the list is Great Little War game which has been named with fantastic title. If the user like combat strategy games and game lovers are quite eager to see Great Little wargames 2 after its release. The makers of this game Rubicon Development has banged on the game lovers with its sequel and also provides all gamers with tons of replay value and love. The best feature that the game is having is that its one time buy with having no ads and no IAP. If the player has used its first part then definitely you would be interested to check the sequel. Interested to pick it up, throw $2.99 at your screen and click on the installation.

Boom Beach :

Boom Beach is another combat strategy game from Super cell which is following the popular Clash of Clans. You can explore huge tropical archipelago and stake your claim and begin building your defenses. There are number of attacks around the island and you can band up with others who are playing and also take down menacing bosses. This game is available for free in app store, along with this user should be expecting that means IAP and it was optional as was Clash of Clans which was loved by many.

Angry Birds Epic :

It is the most epic Angry Birds game that has ever been created. Angry Birds Epic takes the lovable birds we’re familiar with and throws them right into the fray of a battle ridden RAG. Steel yourselves, and prepare to enter battle all the while leveling up your bird characters, gathering materials for crafting items and weapons and other gear, and facing some of the most nefarious pigs in existence. It is fun to play and after all its free of cost.

Hitman GO:

Hitman GO is the popular franchise killer game that contract killer and places him in the middle of gameboard. The goal of the game should be same that is reach your target, kill your enemies, pick up the useful items. The graphics of the game is crafted lovingly crafted but its an amazingly created game. This is a puzzle game and also figure how to reach your end destination on each level without alarming any of the guards. Each level has different challenges and there are about 16 levels per board, with four boards to go through and at least one more on the way in future updates. There’s lots of content and if you enjoy Puzzle games check this one out. Its for $4.99 available in App store.

The Walking Dead Season Two:

Season Two for Walking Dead Episodic series game from Telltale Games has finally been showcased in Play Store. If you are playing this game since its first season, now there is a chance to continue your madness. The cost of the application would be somewhere close to $15 ans is now live in the Play Store.