Biomass Energy

By Nathan Miller

Did you Know?

  1. Chemical and Engineering News stated that In just the North-Eastern U.S. switching to biomass can save up to $3.9 billion!
  2. Biomass is made from renewable resources making it fairly abundant, more so than fossil fuel.
  3. It's versatile! It can be used to generate energy or be used as a fuel.


  • Better alternative than traditional fossil fuels
  • Natural and Renewable Resources
  • Versatile
Biomass Energy is a better alternative than traditional fossil fuels. Biomass doesn’t put of the harmful emissions that oil and coal do that cause pollution and Ozone Depletion, even when burnt. Biomass Energy is made from natural and renewable resources. A chart on says these include garbage, wood, crops, plant waste, landfill gas, and alcohol fuels. Biomass Energy is very versatile. As stated on Biomass can be used to create Ethanol or similar fuels from crops
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  • Expensive to switch over to biomass
  • Space Consumption
  • Not perfectly clean to burn

Biomass Energy would be expensive to switch all of the current power plants to Biomass as it would involve tearing down and rebuilding the plants to accommodate the Biomass production. Another drawback is the space consumption of a project like this. The power plants that produce the Biomass Energy aren’t exactly small. They’re actually quite large and take up a lot of space. Burning Biomass is a far better alternative to fossil fuels but it still isn’t perfect. Just imagine that you are burning garbage, pretty gross right? The smell wouldn’t exactly be pleasant or the cleanest.

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I think that Biomass Energy is a great alternative and with some improvements I think that we could make this a much cleaner and more efficient way to create energy. I think that we could use biomass energy and fuels to power our everyday appliances for much cheaper.