Sustainable Energy

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Solar Panels

Another way to use sustainable energy is by using solar panels. It doesn't pollute the environment and people don’t have to pay bills. Solar panels use sunlight from the sun to power houses. If every house has it everyone will be able to save money. Solar panels are the cleanest and the greenest sustainable energy. They are big panels that sit on top of roofs collecting sunlight. Solar panels use sunlight from the sun to generate power.

Wave Energy

Waves may seem like their only purpose is to have surfers ride on them, but they can also produce energy. The devices often used to generate waves into energy are power plants, water pumps and desalination plants. Just like the solar panels, wave energy doesn't pollute the environment or the air. If the waves are bigger and rougher more energy is generated. Wave energy reduces the bills you have to pay and you don’t have to use and enormous amount of land to do it. This method of sustainable energy is very useful because you don’t have to pay much and you don’t have to rely on the weather. If you built a wind farm and there was no wind for a week you would be really disappointed.

Tourist and Environment

Tourists always travel to different places and stay there for a while. Every country or states have tourists come and visit and it would be awful if they didn't like where they were. It could be because of the pollution. If one tourist complains they might not come back and tell their friends not to go to a certain place they went. If we switch to using sustainable energy there would be no pollution. More people would come and visit. The environment would stay fresh and the people there wouldn't get sick as often. The fish would be healthy and wouldn't have

polluted water.