Weekly Update 6/10

Almost done!!!!

Congratulations to all of the seniors!!!!! The Graduation was AMAZING!! A job well done this year :-) I am proud of each of you! We will miss you very much!

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Student, Janelle Jean walking across the stage at graduation...so inspiring!

Janelle Jean's Inspirational Triumphant Walk Across WWHS Graduation Stage

Last day for 2 P.M release is this Friday!!

WWHS Underclassmen Final Exams

Jun 15 – 19, 2015

1st exam of the day 7:30 am - 9:00 am,

2nd exam of the day 9:15 am - 10:45 am

*Monday, June 15 - Period 7 and Period 6

*Tuesday, June 16 - Period 5 and Period 4

*Wednesday, June 17 - Period 3 and Period 2

*Thursday, June 18 - Chromebook Collection 7:30am - 7:50am

Period 1 and Make ups (buses leave at 9:35 am)

*Friday, June 19 - Make up Day

*Lunches will be served from 10:45 - 11:05 on Monday,Tuesday, and Wednesday.

*Buses will leave at 11:10 on Monday, Tuesday, and,Wednesday. Thursday the buses will leave at 9:35am.

Our Exams....

Since our class already took a majority of the exams when seniors were here and had to take theirs... we do not have any official exams to take. Instead, students will be completing an assignment for each exam that will be graded and counted towards their final grades.

Here is the breakdown of what we will be doing during exam week...

English: Writing a Reflection Essay (Based on the experiences this year)

History: Current Events Article and Opinion Report

Science: Punnett Squares Activity

Academic Literacy: Reading a Passage with Comprehension Task

Students will have their regular math exam during the period 4 block.

Exam Procedures

Exam Procedures

* Students must be in school at the assigned times for exams. Students are not allowed in the corridors during exams.

* Once a student enters an exam room, he or she must remain there until the end of the exam period.

* The only acceptable excuses for missing exams are those approved by an administrator, such as a funeral or documented medical excuse (doctor’s note).

* Students who miss exams due to an unexcused absence must receive approval from an
administrator to take the exam and will be penalized 10 percent per calendar

day after the regularly scheduled date of their exam.

* Students must turn in their chromebooks & textbooks and are responsible for paying for lost texts. If lost, payment should be made prior to exam day so that exam time will not be interrupted.

* The WWHS Electronic Device’s Policy is fully enforced during the entire exam period.

Pizza for Lunch.....this Friday!!!

Students will go to 1st lunch as usual and when they come back to class the pizza will be here for our lunch!!! YUM!

Look at the awesome ART PROJECT our class made this semester!! All of their pathways meet in the middle where they are all wizards!!!!

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You are almost at the finish line.....keep pushing!!

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