By Jon Viager


China has one of the largest populations in the world. It currently has 1,367,485,388 people. This currently ranks it at 1st most populated place in the world. China's population has gotten so bad that there is a population policy now. That population policy only allows 1 child per couple. This will, overtime, effectively lower China's population.

Capital of China

The capital of China is Beijing. Beijing is located by the east coast of China. Beijing became the capital of China in 1279 it lost power in 1368, it became the capital again in 1949 and still has power to this day.

The current leader of China

The current leaders of china are Premier Li Keqiang and President Xi Jinping. Premier Li Keqiang became the Head of Government in the year of President Xi Jinping. President Xi Jinping became the Head of state in the year of 2013.

China's Government

China has a communist government. China adapted this form of government in the year of 1949 on the first of October. The leader that was most remembered was a communist however he was a very bad leader to many people. Before, family rule that was the only form of control.


The most common language you will find in China is Chinese. Each section of China has it's own dialect so the Chinese government labeled the Mandarin dialect as the official language. The different tones of voice you use while talking is important to communication for every different tone you use has a different meaning. Other languages spoken are Mongolian, Tibetan and Kazakh.

Flag and map

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Sports and Entertainment

One of the major sports in china is basketball. Basketball is so major that most boys learn it at a young age. Games that have partners in them such as tennis or badminton are also popular among kids. Almost everybody there likes the game mahjong. Mahjong is like a game of cards but is more complicated to most and uses tiles instead of cards.

Chinese culture

In ancient times the chinese believed in many gods and spirits. They believed spirits could be found in any form of nature. Holy people and rulers were in charge of communicating with spirits. Then came a man named Confucius he lived 2,500 years ago in the Zhou dynasty. His followers passed down his ideas, known as Confucianism and Daoism. Nowadays it is nearly impossible to get a reliable set of statistics on religion in China. The government of China encourages aethism (The belief of no god). Despite this millions of chinese people follow at least one religious faith. The main religions are Daoism Confucianism Buddhism, Islam, Catholicism and Protestantism. However participating in unauthorized religious activities can lead to jail or other penalties. Rice is eaten almost every day in China meat like pork and beef are also popular in China. Instead of groceries most chinese buy food from outside markets from local farmers. Education is equal for both boys and girls. The literacy rate for males is 98.2% and the female literacy rate is 94.5%. The school life expectancy (How many years that they go to school) is 13 years for boys and girls.



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