Explore the SAMR Model

and How to Transform your Teaching Using It

(Over the course of the summer and in the beginning of the school year, we will provide challenges to you! Successfully completing 5 of the challenges will result in .5 CEUs as well as a way to professionally grow this summer! We have a lot of preparation to do before next school year, why not take a few hours this entire summer and help ourselves! Each challenge is designed to take no more than an hour and can easily be done in one sitting or can be broken up over multiple sittings! Take your time with it and have fun with it!)


The SAMR Model is THE model to follow to make sure you are using technology with a purpose. It is the model used by the district. In this challenge, we will explore the SAMR Model and how you can enhance your lessons with technology and use technology with purpose.

What is SAMR?

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Read About It

Think About It

Think about the SAMR Model and your teaching. Where do you stand? With a little work, where do you think you could move too? What would it take? What changes can you make to your lessons or your lesson planning to move up the SAMR ladder? What surprised you about the SAMR Model? What support do you need to move up the ladder? Any other thoughts?

Post your answers to these questions in your own sticky note on this Padlet wall.

SAMR Progression

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Making Change Happen

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When looking at the questions above, replace "older technology" when "pen and paper" and start thinking about your lessons, projects and ideas.

Pick a lesson (activity, center rotation, whole group, something!) and find the lesson plan for it on its current level. Identify which level of SAMR it is.

Now, take it up the SAMR ladder appropriately. Re-write the lesson on a higher level of SAMR. Include what technology (websites/apps/etc) you will use to take it up the ladder.

In a third document, reflect on the process of moving it up the ladder. How did you do it? What did you learn through the process?

Once all three documents are completed, go to www.dropcanvas.com. Click Upload and upload all three documents. Highlight and copy the URL in the black bar at the top of the webpage. Go to this website and enter your last name and your dropcanvas URL. DropCanvas URLs are only live for three days. Do not upload them to the page until the day you submit the URL to me for verification, so I have three days to download them.

Challenge Checklist

Make sure you have completed all of the following to receive credit for the challenge!

  • Read the articles.
  • Posted a sticky note on the Padlet wall.
  • Picked a lesson to transform.
  • Transform the lesson up the SAMR ladder.
  • Reflect on the process.
  • Post 3 documents to DropCanvas on the same day you submit the URL on the form.

We will check all of these above things and check you off for completion! :) How will we know you did it? We receive an email when you post to Padlet and when you submit your URL! ;)