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Wolverine Class of 2026!

You will find that we are different from traditional high schools, starting with our 4 x 4 block schedule. Students may choose to complete between 6-8 courses per year. The number of courses a student chooses is divided between two terms/semesters. If a student chooses to take six courses, they will have three classes and one period "Off Roll" each term/semester, which allows them extra study time while participating in sports, music, and other extra-curricular activities. However, many students choose to take seven or eight classes per year and earn extra credits towards graduation and/or college admission requirements. The flexibility of the 4 x 4 schedule allows the student and parent to choose the appropriate number of classes for each term in high school. Click here to learn more about our school to include an overview, general information, special recognition, academic information and more
The Westview Experience 2019

Important Dates for Course Requests

Steps to Course Registration

Counselors will present course request information to 8th grade students at Black Mountain and Mesa Verde Middle Schools. In preparation for selecting courses for 9th grade, students should review the following information:

The Course Request window will be open from March 15th to April 1st at 4:00pm.

Sample 9th Grade Schedule on a 4x4:

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8th gr Open House: Optional Family Appointments

Counselors will be offering virtual family appointments for questions about course selection from March 21 - 31, 2022. In order to provide all families with the ability to have their questions answered, families are limited to one, ten minute, appointment slot.

To make an appointment, please select the link based on your student's last name:

A-D: Alisa Berner - CLICK HERE

E-J: Vanessa Ho - CLICK HERE

K-Na: Adriana Chittuluru "Mrs. C"- CLICK HERE

Ne-Sie: Eve Heine Arp - CLICK HERE

Sim-Z: Christine Cudmore - CLICK HERE

Course Request Resources

Interested in Applying for AVID?

Check out the AVID website for more information.

4-Year Planning Presentation

4 Year Planning Night

Taking a class outside of Westview?

Courses taken prior to the start of 9th grade will not count towards high school graduation and will not appear on the student's transcript.

If you are taking a foreign language course outside of Westview you will need to complete the Application and Authorization Form for Foreign Language Credit PRIOR to beginning the class.

Prior to enrolling in a class outside of Westview, speak with our Registrar, Ms. Carroll (kcarroll@powayusd.com), to ensure it is on the PUSD approved list of outside courses.

Poway Virtual School

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Sign Up for Poway Virtual School Courses

Online courses are available through Poway Virtual School. Course availability may be subject to change.

For more information, visit the Poway Virtual School website.

Thinking of skipping a level of math or taking a summer math course outside PUSD?

Our recommendation is to not skip a level of math. PUSD does not currently have any approved Integrated Math classes through outside schools or programs that will be accepted for credit. If a student takes something over the summer it will not be on their PUSD transcript. More importantly, if a student signs up for the higher level next year and realizes it was not the correct placement, they are not guaranteed a spot in the previous level, as there may not be space available.

Specific to Integrated Math II: Aside from the mathematical instruction and curriculum reasons against skipping Integrated II, there is a college requirement component, as well. The UC system requires that students take a geometry-based math course as part of their 3-year math sequence. They consider Integrated Math II to be this course in the integrated sequence. We have been advising students against skipping Integrated Math II for this reason in particular. We do not want students to find that when they apply for college that they do not meet the UC requirements because they did not take Integrated II. More information can be found on pages 18 - 19 of the UC Counselor Reference Guide.

Still have more questions?

View our course selection FAQ

Additional Information and Resources

Advice from some of our current students:

Wolverine Way Handbook:

Check out our Handbook for student success

Watch the Westview Student & Parent Experience video below:

Westview Virtual Campus Tour:

Westview High School ASB Tour 2021

Want to attend Westview but live outside our boundaries?

Please visit the PUSD page for FAQs about Residency and Transfers

The window for transfer requests for the 2022-2023 school year is open February 1, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. through March 31, 2022 at 5 p.m.

Transfer decisions are made at the PUSD Attendance Office. We have no control, prior knowledge or influence over district decisions.

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