Weapons and Uniforms of World War I

by: Maddy

What did soldiers wear in World War I?

In World War I, the soldiers wore a green/brown jacket made of wool. On the arm of the jacket, there is a badge that shows the soldiers job. They also wore trousers. The trousers were green/brown and made of wool. On the lower leg of the trousers the soldiers wore puttees. Puttees are a type of wrapping, the soldiers wore them for protection and support. The soldiers also wore a helmet that weighed up to 1 kilogram. The helmet protected the soldiers from shrapnel injuries but didn't stop bullets.

What did a Pilot wear in World War I?

In World War I, the pilots wore a leather flying helmet, goggles, scarf and a coat. In the cockpit, it was important to wear a padded helmet and coat because the aircraft is unheated and it gets cold at high altitudes.

Weapons they used


-Barbed wire


-Poison gas