Hailey Creason

Fantastic Fifth Grader

My Family

My family is the most important people in the whole entire world I could not live without my family! I have a little brother named Lane he is in Kindergarten in Mrs. Herman's class and he is 5 yr. old. I also have a sister named Gracie she is in the 3rd grade in Mrs. Hards class and she is 8 yr. old. I have a mom and a dad named Becky and a Brian they are so thankful and I love them more than anything in the world!


I have many hobbies and one of them are dancing because I am in my room and I hear music I have to dance to the music!Another one of my hobbies are writing because I don't know why but it soothes down my mind and it is so relaxing so I love to write stories. I think I have one more hobby and that is reading I used to never ever like to read but now I love to read now so that was my last hobby!

my favorite people

My likes

Things I like

The things I like are my family. My moms cooking ( brocclie and cheese soup). Another thing I like are my friends. I have one more and that is puppies


I don't like soccer. I like basketball,baseball,and softball!