Shetland nature


When you first set your eyes on the Shetland Island, you may take it for granted as just another Island you have come across. You may wrongly assume that Shetland is worth paying a visit. However, when you set foot on the island and choose to explore it, you will be amazed by the variety of attractions that you will come across. The island is situated at latitude of sixty degrees. This result into cool summers with rain and wind weather conditions present too. The Shetland nature is very much attractive to any person who would love to stay there. Why is this so?

  1. Improved transport network

Initially, the transport network was not so good. And this is probably the reason why people were tempted to ignore it. However, in the recent past, there have been significant improvements in the transport network system. It is now easier to access most of the attraction areas. In as much as there is still the need to improve it even further, there is now a big reason to pay it a visit even for the Shetland wildlife holidays. Those who have been here keep on coming back for more.

If you are coming in from Scotland, you can easily get to Shetland from Aberdeen using the overnight ferry. There are Shetland flights too that operate daily from Edinburgh, Inverness, Glasgow or Aberdeen. Using the ferry comes with a number of advantages. It gives you an opportunity to use caravan or car. This way, you get the chance to tour the isles for as long as one or two weeks. At the same time you get all the opportunity to conduct Shetland photography for your own record keeping and future reference.

  1. Presence of beautiful scenery.

This has been brought about by the 15 inhabited islands in addition to the 85 that are not inhabited. Some of the uninhabited ones are just mere large rock standing out in the sea. On top of them you will just find a few tufts of grass tenaciously clinging onto them. You can take such beautiful Shetland images and share with the world for fun or at a price. The residents of the islands are inter-connected through an inter-island ferry service, bridges and several flights too. The Trondra, Burra Isle and Muckle Roe are connected by bridge since they are closer to the Mainland. Otherwise most of the others are connected through ferry services.

The coastal scenery has been made more enjoyable by these islands. This unique archipelago means that at no time are you far from the sea by three miles. The Shetland wildlife and untouched landscape makes sure that you are surrounded all the times. You will see Shetland ponies to add to your taste.

  1. Accomodation facilities.

There are good hotels within the island just to provide you with the comfort you deserve.