Leader Information

Important Information!

Listed below are deadlines and information on the items that need to be completed by each club leader. We cannot stress enough how important these items are to be completed. Thank you to those who have already completed these items! As always, with any questions please contact Beth or myself at the Office. Our emails are listed below with the Office contact information.

Leader Packets

Leader packets will be sent out via mail this week, so please watch for those. There will be paper copies of each of these forms included in the packet.

December 28th Deadline

These items are due by December 28 to the Office:
  • Leader Questionnaire
  • EIN (Employee Identification Number) Form
  • Treasury Report
These forms can be found on our website under the club leader page.

Leader Questionnaire

Information in the questionnaire is needed for reporting and recruiting purposes.
Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DZR2BMZ
A paper copy will be included in the leader packet if you prefer to fill it out this way. Just return it to the office when you have completed it.

Employee Identification Number

The Application for Employer Identification Number is a VERY important form that you need to fill out. To be recognized as a club, the IRS needs an Identification Number from each club. If you have filled out this form for your club in the past, you do not need to fill this out again.

Treasury Report

Please complete the Treasurer's Report form for each checking and savings account held by your club. Even if your club does not have a checking or savings account you still must complete the form as we need to document the information. Personal social security numbers of volunteers should never be used to open 4-H bank accounts.

Volunteer Screening Form

This form needs to be completed by each club leader by the end of January. Please do not bring them to the office. Since social security number's are required on these forms, we are not able to send them in. You must send this form to the address listed on the form. In order to be a club leader and interact with youth, this is form is required by the state of Nebraska.
The form can be found on the club leader page.