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Our goal is to provide you with tools that give students and educators the ability to create content for authentic audiences and share what they have created with anyone, anywhere.

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Open this Padlet and let us know what technology tools you and your students use for presentations.

Presentation Choices

Giving Students Choices

Today's technology tools can provide teachers with the ability to give their students choices when assigning projects. Every student may not have the same apps as their classmates, so instead of requiring the students to use a particular app or website, why not give them a choice? You will find that student engagement and creativity will increase when students are given the freedom to use different tools to deliver content.

Here are two examples of a project about Walt Disney. The examples contain the same content, however, the information is presented in a different format in each project.


Examples of assignments that give students choices:


Using Choice Boards to Increase Student Ownership

Liven Up Your Lessons by Giving Students Choices

Empowering Students: Add Choice to Assignments


Smore can be used to create professional-looking online flyers that can be used by students and teachers for a variety of activities. This easy to use website has a pricing structure that needs to be considered before you begin. The free version allows you to create 5 flyers per month. The paid Educator version gives you unlimited flyers and has several educational backgrounds.
Smore User Guide
How to Use Smore
Directions for a Class Using Smore to Create Reports
Student Directions for Creating a Smore Space Project


2017 Barrow Peace Prize

CTE Programs - Dover High School
Digital Research Kit for 6th Grade ELA
Who Should Be on the Next US Postage Stamp?

Michelle Obama Biography
Fun Critical Thinking Activities
iPad Lesson Ideas
Pause Before You Post


Bulb users can combine text, videos and images to create and publish portfolios, projects, lessons and presentations.
Bulb is free, however, educators can upgrade to the Pro version for private publishing.

AP Studio Art Student Example

High School Portfolio

Senior Portfolio

Coppell (Texas) High School's Anatomy and Physiology Showcase Portfolio

App Smashes and Flows: Choose Your Own iAdventure

Personal Infograph

Complex Project Explained Visually

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a free IOS App or website that includes 3 tools that allow the user to easily create beautiful web stories, animated videos and social media graphics that can be read on any device. Images used in the presentations can be from the camera roll or from a Creative Commons image search within the app. The images found in the Creative Commons search are automatically cited.

Check out this Spark Video by Oskar Cymerman to see what Adobe Spark can do for you and your students.

The Colorado River

Professional Resume'

Graffiti and Street Art

Online Portfolio

Composition Techniques

Adobe Spark Video - allows you to create a video slideshow—complete with sound and narration.


Where Are You Going?

The New SAT

Save the Environment

Making Ammonia

Student Book Report

Invitation to High School Open House

Joe Dockery's Tips

  • Find a quiet place for your students to record their audio (spread out!)
  • Have them write out a script.
  • Keep the scripts short and to the point (proof it and give feedback)
  • Ask them to brainstorm icons and photos to go along with each topic
  • Break long sentences or ideas into chunks with an image for each idea
  • Listen to each recording and re-record if necessary
  • If students are doing it individually, use headsets


Teacher Testimonial - Adobe Slate: Empower Students

A Guide for Schools and Educators

3 Ways Adobe Spark Promotes Creativity in the Classroom

Adobe Spark Activities for Elementary Students


Nearpod is an interactive presentation and assessment tool that can be used to convert your PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations into engaging lessons for your students.

Are you ready to learn something new?
Type in the Code the teacher gives you in the Enter Code option.

Click the blue right arrow.

Enter your name.
Wait for the teacher to begin.

Nearpod also has an App for most devices!

Google Slides

Google Slides is one of the collaborative tools available from Google. Students can create online, collaborative presentations and collaborate with other people in real time.
Google recently added an audience participation option called Q&A. This allows your presentation to become more interactive and gives all audience members an opportunity to ask questions.

Slides Carnival is a website that contains free Google Slides presentation templates.

Creating a Yearbook in Google Slides

Shut the front door! This idea could easily be used for more than just creating a digital yearbook at the end of school! Make sure to check out all of the tips and tricks under the various tabs on Jennifer Scott's site.


WriteReader increases students' digital writing skills and creativity. Students can use tablets, Chromebooks or computers. Teachers quickly set up their classes and give students the code. Best of all, books can be emailed to parents.

Google Drawings

Google Drawings has so many classroom applications and this is one idea that can be used in any subject area and grade level.

The following directions are for creating a picture of yourself with 3 different callouts containing a fact about yourself.

  1. Open Drive.
  2. Select New, More and choose Google Drawings.
  3. Change the title from untitled drawing to your first and last name.
  4. Go to Insert → Image and find the picture you want to use.
  5. Select Insert → Shape → Callouts.
  6. Choose one of the callouts.
  7. Drag the callout to desired location and type in your first fact.
  8. Drag the yellow dot (located at the tip of the point) to move the point of the callout.
  9. While the callout is selected, click on the Fill tool and change the color.
  10. Create 2 more callouts for the other facts.
  11. You can change the alignment, font, font size and color, etc. of the text, if desired.
  12. Click Insert →Text Box to add your name to your picture. Drag your text box to the desired location. Change the font and the font size and color so that it is clearly visible.
  13. Go to File and select Download As → JPEG.


3 Branches of Government


Describe yourself at the beginning of the year.

What was Washington thinking when he crossed the Delaware?

How would you describe a parallelogram?

What are five important facts about an animal cell?


The Screencastify Chrome Extension is a great way to allow students the ability to demonstrate and create visually with their voice. Stella Pollard wrote this blog post about using Screencastify in different subject areas.

Screencastify Math Student Talk
Spanish Screencastify Project


Sutori allows you to create and share stories. Quizzes, images, videos, collaboration and audio can be added to stories. Students can collaborate on stories.


Sutori stories - examples of stories by subject area and age level

Back to School Interest Inventory

Romeo and Juliet Sequence of Events

A Soldier's Life during the US Civil War

Roller Coaster Design Brief Template

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Canva Graphic Design

Canva is not a presentation tool, however, it is very helpful when trying create professional-looking and creative presentations. Canva is an online graphic design tool that is simple to use to create your own logos, banners, etc. to use in your presentations. There are both free and paid images available, but you should be able to find enough free images to create a professional-looking graphic.


25+ EDU Lesson Plans and Resources for Canva by Lisa Johnson

A Simple Video Guide to Canva
Create Amazing Images with Ease

Finding Images

The following sites can be used to find images that are copyright free or in Creative Commons. Remember, just because it is on the Internet does not mean you can freely use it!

Find free and fair use photos by ISTE

Free Images for Your Projects by Tony Vincent

Photos for Class - This site from Storyboard That includes age-appropriate images and automatically includes a citation for each image.
Pics-4-Learning - The images on this site are copyright-free for teachers and students to use in an educational setting.
Open Clipart - This site includes free vector clip art.
Unsplash - Every 10 days, 10 new high-resolution photos are added to the site. You are free to use the photos for any purpose.
Pixabay - Thousands of high-quality photos, illustrations, and vector graphics are included on this website.
The Noun Project - This website aggregates and catalogs symbols that have been created and uploaded by graphic designers.
Plixs - Thousands of high-quality free photos with Creative Commons License

Top 5 Sites to Find Images for Student Use by Kathleen McGeady

Public Domain, Copyright Free, Open Source, and Student Use Images and Media

Copyright Resources:

The Educator’s Guide to Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons by The Edublogger

CC Image Search by @digichica

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