Polar Bear

San Diego Zoo

I got to go on a virtual fieldtrip the last couple of days . I got to go to the San Diego Zoo website and watch live cams of the animals. I didn't go to the zoo because it would take 1 day and a half. I learned about the animals at the zoo. My favorite animal was the polar bear because we share the same personality we both like to sleep.
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The polar bears are very creative animals. The food they eat is fish and they hunt for fish on the ice in the water. They are also very playful they make up their own games, roll in the snow, and dig in the snow. They can sniff out bad art. They also love to sleep. They will leave their habitat if the snow and ice is gone. They love the snow and water. They are very power full animals. They spend most of their time on the snow and ice. They pull their body across the snow.