Author Astronaut Mark Kelly,Illustrator C.F. Payne

Genre and Author's purpose

The Genre is fantasy. The Author's purpose is to Entertain.

Point or view and mood/tone

The Point of view is third person. The Mood or tone is Happy.

Interesting Vocabulary

Launch: push out or put forth into the air

Shuttle: bus, train, airplane, that runs back and fourth regularly over a short distance

Monitor: special duties

Mission: a sending on some special work

Conduct: way of acting


In the story " mousetronaut",there's a mouse and an astronaut. The astronaut buys 6 mice.One of them is named Meoteor.In the end the astronaut drops the key in between the monitors.Then Meoteor goes in between the monitors and gets the key, that's how Meoteor becomes a MOUSETRONAUT.


I love this book because it's fiction and it's about a mouse that becomes a mousetronaut. The mouse becomes a mousetronaut because he helps save from crashing the shuttle when he gets the key in between the monitors.
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By Navara Tuttle