High School Observation

Wellington High School, Wellington, KS.

School Atmosphere

School atmosphere was the exact same as it was when I was in high school which is good since I've only been gone for almost 2 years. Busy, always people in the halls, posters up, flyers on all the bulletin boards

Student-Teacher Interactions

Student to Teacher interactions were more on your own type deal. Homework was on your own, as well as reading, or doing labs. Unless that teacher was giving a lecture that day it was pretty chill in the classroom. Lots of group work to keep students busy or computer labs were a normal thing as well. So teachers were really just there to be asked questions or give out information.

Student-Student Interactions

Student to student talk was something that was key in high school for academic success. With all the group work or breaking off into groups to discuss what was to be discussed was something that was very important. Students were growing up and actually on task with what they were supposed to be doing rather than middle school when there was still a lot of chatter and other things going on besides what they were supposed to be doing.

Teacher & Learning Environment

The teaching and learning environment was very focused and quiet. It was very independent again but still good for teaching to the kids in high school.