The Complexities of War

When war is necessary

A Soldiers Poem to His Wife

Who's for the Game?

Who's for the game, the biggest that's played,

The red crashing game of a fight?

Who'll grip and tackle the job unafraid?

And who thinks he'd rather sit tight?

Who'll toe the one for the signal 'Go!'?

Who'll give his country a hand?

Who wants a turn to himself in the show?

And who wants a seat in the stand?

Who knows it won't be a picnic - not much -

Yet eagerly shoulders a gun?

Who would much rather come back with a crutch

Than lie low and be out of the fun?

Come along, lads -

But you'll come on all right -

For there's only one course to pursue,

Your country is u to her neck in a fight,

And she's looking and calling for you.

By:Jessie Pope

A Wife at Home

My, the war has torn us apart. if only i was a man being recruited. I'm scared beyond my bones to let you go to war. Your excitement calms me and reminds me of good things. But you can only be excited for so long. Men will die in front of you. The tragic bloodshed, is it worth the honor and pride for our country? What about your death darling? What will i do without you, my love? This country is thankful for your courage and your pride.

Love your Wife

A Soldier in the War

Gone, gone again,

May, June, July,

And August gone,

Again gone by,

Not memorable

Save that I saw them go,

As past the empty quays

The rivers flow.

And now again,

In the harvest rain,

The Blenheim oranges

Fall grubby from the trees,

As when I was young—

And when the lost one was here—

And when the war began

To turn young men to dung.

Look at the old house,

Outmoded, dignified,

Dark and untenanted,

With grass growing instead

Of the footsteps of life,

The friendliness, the strife;

In its beds have lain

Youth, love, age, and pain:

I am something like that;

Only I am not dead,

Still breathing and interested

In the house that is not dark:—

I am something like that:

Not one pane to reflect the sun,

For the schoolboys to throw at—

They have broken every one.

By:Edward Thomas


The horror I'm hearing, my dear. Why can't you be safe in my arms. You sound lost and forever gone. What as happened to your soul? My love I'm scared beyond my misery about your well being, to help you think of all that has happened in your life. Me and our home are still here. What has happened for you to lose yourself? You may not be sitting their in your own head! Fight for us, our country! oh my darling, please forgive me for being mad but how can't you live your life at the most excitement you left with? You were strong headed for war and now you lost your soul, your fire. Oh love, get better.

Love your Wife