Anzac day is a significant day for all of us. The day reminds us about the solders who sacrificed their lives to keep not only us safe, but our country too. The significance of Anzac day runs though the events that occurred during the First World War especially the battle of Gallipoli. Due to the great loss of soldiers that happened in the Turkish Peninsula, we remember the soldiers that fought in the Gallipoli battle and throughout World War 1.

world war 1?

Causes of World War 1

There are many reasons to why the world's first war occured back in 1914. You can say the reason why the war started is the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (the archduke of Austria Hungary), militarism, alliances, imperialism or nationalism but really there is no major reason that lead to World War 1.


Although all the countries that were situated in war were distant from Australia, It's membership with the British Empire was made that there was a strong public support for involvement in the war. The Anzacs' name became famous due of the battle in Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey on the 25th of April 1915. The major battles Australia was involved in were:

- Gallipoli, Turkey (1915)

- Fromelles on the Somme, France (July 1916)

- Bullecourt, France (1917)

- Messines, Belguim (1917)

- Ypres: the battle of Passchedaele (Belgium 1917)

- Hamel Spur, France (4th July 1918)

- Mont St Quentin, France

- Peronne, France

- Hindenberg Line, France


There were many battles that Australia's involved in, but there are some significant battles Australia would not forget. The battle in Gallipoli; a fight that every Australian knows and will remember.

On the 25th of April 1915, the men of the Anzac approached the West Coast of Gallipoli in ships. When arrived on the West Coast of Gallipoli, it was decided to land troops on the beaches-this gave the Turkish troops time to reinforce the defenders. Unforunately due to the landing of the Anzacs, this gave the Turkish an advantage, shooting the Anzacs before they could re-plan anything once more. There were many soldiers that lost their life through the event. The battle ended in 1916.

Australians on the Western Front was also a significant battle for Australians. Western Front was situated in France and Belgium where great battles were fought. During this battle, 46,000 lost their lives and 132,000 were wounded.

The impact of the Great war on Australians at home

The Great War impacted all the Australians at home. This was simply because of the loss of most of the men due to the fact that the majority of them fought in the war. It was hard for work to proceed because women were forced to take over. Supplying the family with food was hard as well because you needed money. Though at the end, Australia were forced to borrow money from Europe since Australia used all their money on war equipment.
By Nanette M.