Why Do People Have Trust Issues ?

WHO AM I ? 😜💕

My Name Is Shamia Dillard . I Am A Sophomore In High School And I Attend FL Schlagle High School. My Most Favorite Things To Do Are Sing .. Chill With My Friends , And If Needed Being There For People. But For Some Reason I've Always Had hard Times Trusting People.

Essential Question ? 😈😎

- For Many People Its Hard To Trust Others . I Chose This Topic Because I Wanted To Know Why ? Why Is It So Hard For People To Believe What Others Tell Them ? Trust Is A Big Part Of Life . Things Can't Keep Going On The Way They Are .. If They Do Nobody Will Ever Be Happy .

What I Know Bout " Trust " ? 😜

What I Know About Trust Is That For Some People There Are Different Meanings , My Meaning Is ... Believing What People Say And When People Try To Be There For You , Your Comfortable With Letting them Know Whats Wrong Because You Trust Them And You Know They Wont Tell People.

What I'd Like To Learn From This ? 😋

I'd Like To Learn More About What Causes People To Have Trust Issues , What You Think " Trust Means And How Can You Prevent People From Having Trust Issues . I'd Like To Know How People Feel About Having Trust Issues .. And How People Feel About People That Don't Have Trust Issues .

What I Hope You Gain From This Topic ? 🙌

I Hope That You Learn That Not Everybody Can Trust People. Some People Can Trust People Very Easily And Some People Can't Trust At All. Now A Days Its Hard To Trust For Many People.
Trust Issues With People

Why This Video Is Important ?

I Find This Video Important Because He Gives Reasons As To Why He Doesn't Trust People And Why Most Others Don't Trust People.

Reflection 😈😎

I've Learned That Not Everybody Is To Be Trusted Over A Matter Of Years , And You Cant Just Expect To Tell Somebody Something And Expect Them Not To Tell. I've Also Learned That Alot Of People Cant Trust Because Of How They Are Treated. Its Not Easy Trusting People , Especially In This Generation Because Nobody Is Capable Of Keeping Thinks To Themselves , They Have To Tell One OF There Friends.. But As Long As You Keep Your Business To Your Self You Shouldn't Have Any Problems With Having To Trust Someone Who , You Don't Know. There Are Many Ways Someone Can Gain Trust Issues , Whether It's Lying Or , Anything Following Into That . Alot Of People With Trust Issues Are Really Hurting Inside Because They Feel Like They Don't Have Anybody .. So If Anyone Ever Feels Like They Have Trust Issues Or Have Trust Issues Don't Bring Them Down Or Give Them More Reasons To Have Trust Issues Because I Have Trust Issues Myself & It Really Hurts When You Feel Like You Cant Trust Nobody .. Somebody Could Tell Me Something .. And Whether Its True Or Not I Don't Believe Them .