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Population: Approximately 7,621,000, 60% live in poverty

Average Income: 183.0 USD

Climate and weather: rainy, hot, humid

Tourism: Some profit is made from tourism, but some factors scare away tourists

Cultural Information

- Slightly larger than Tennessee

- Geography is very mountainous

- Music: salsa, merengue, reggae, and reggaeton

- Official language is Spanish

- Very mountainous but no active volcanoes

- Main religion is Catholicism

Political Information

- Government type: Republic

- Honduras was first ruled by the Mayans. Then Christopher Columbus came through and conquered them and he formed a federation in that area. In 1838, Honduras left the federation and became their own country. The country was young and had no main leader so US figures came in to help. Border problems with El Salvador made terrorism real for the Honduran people. US guided Honduras until 1932, when a Honduran president was elected.

Historical Event

In 1969, El Salvador invaded Honduras because Honduran landlords exported several thousand Salvadorans. El Salvador invaded during a soccer game between the two countries hence the name "the football war". Thousands of people from both countries were killed.

Famous People

Roger Espinoza- played for Sporting KC

Roberto Sosa- famous author

Rocsi Diaz- TV show host


Roatán is one of the Honduras Bay Islands in the Caribbean Sea. A popular port-of-call for cruise ships, the island of Roatan is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Honduras because of its beautiful scenery and variety of activities. With its gorgeous beaches and coral reef, Roatan provides opportunities for diving, snorkeling and swimming.


Food: Lots of chicken, rice, steak, vegetables, fruits

Agriculture: 2.3 million people have agricultural jobs

- Main food grown: Coffee and bananas.

Exports: Coffee, bananas, most fruits

Livestock: cattle, and pigs

Culinary Contribution

- It's current cuisine is a fusion of Spanish, Caribbean, and African.

- Famous for fried fish, tamales, carne asada and baleadas.

Favorite Recipe: Honduran Banana Bread

Link: http://www.food.com/recipe/honduran-banana-bread-293737