Triple The Journey! 3x

I am going to take you to 3 of the Best places in the world!

ESPN Wide World Sports Complex

ESPN Wide World Sports Complex is a place where kids 17 and under play in a national basketball tournament.There is 165 teams playing in this tournament and it is just like "March Madness" for College Basketball. It is Located in Kissimmee, FL and is right next to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers training field. the kids can watch the pro team practice while eating at a peaceful bar & grill. It also has a HUGE Baseball stadium where National Tournaments are held. Here is a couple more thing we have here at the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD. Baseball Quadraplex
Champion® Stadium
HESS® Sports Fields
Jostens® Center
HP Field House
Softball Diamondplex
Tennis Complex
Track & Field Complex
ESPN Wide World of Sports Grill
PlayStation® Pavilion

My personal experience was great! I lived every thing I did there, I was never bored. Here is some awards we won "Spirit Award" and "Rawlings Gold Glove Award".

Lifetime Fitness

Lifetime Fitness is the best place to get fit. we have anything you can think of to get in shape like a yoga room, basketball gym, weight room, we also have a luxurious spa and massage spot we you can calm your nerves after a long day of working out. Lifetime Fitness also has trainers to HELP you get in shape, that someone to push you that extra mile. Here is some of the awards we got The BBC Sports Personality of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award, ANR National Award and The Gumshoe Awards.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill is the BEST place you will ever eat! we have burritos and bowls plus we have doezens of choices for you to put on your burrito and bowl. If you don't believe me come try for yourself it's worth it. I go here 2x out of the week, that's how much I love this place. It gets me full every time and I can eat it everyday if I had to. Here's an award we won Chipotle, CAA Win Grandy for 'Back to the Start'.