Accidents/Illness of Family Members and/or Death


A crisis is a problem that is going on with a family in which they might want to talk to someone or go to a family therapy to work things out and get over the crisis. It also strengthens or weakens your relationship so it's best go to a therapist.

Effects on Family & Children Effected of Crisis

  • Accidents,illness,& death leaves family with grief and despair.
  • Can take away a family members confidence away.
  • Sadness and anger are common side effects for this.
  • Each person plays a specific role, an illness can disrupt the whole function of the family.
  • In some instances an illness can bring a family closer, but in others it can cause major stress.
  • Can tend to leave children with emotional distress, behavior problems & lower self esteem.
  • If not told whats going on, children tend to imagine the worst, they may believe a sick parent no longer has any love or interest for the child.

Options For Support

  • Go to therapy.
  • Talk to a close friend/family member.
  • Go to a family crisis center.
  • Group up with your friend and just bond, talk about everything.
  • Go to a cso crisis program.

Made by: Elizabeth Vasquez & Kathy Martinez