The Tpad

By: Isaak Cordova and Jason Moore

About the company

This company is runned by Isaak Cordova and Jason moore. This is a small but growing company. We only have 12 people that work for us so we are a small company. The main Office is located in Los angles California. We have 2 more offices located in New York and Toronto. The conditions of our company is very clean and royal. We try to treat our costumers and workers with the best kind of service. Jason wanted to follow one of his ideals Samuel slater. He wanted to be a man the works in the factory and makes products for people in America and around the world

History of the Company

The company was put June 12, 2012. The company was put together when me and jason were just sitting at school and we got board so we decided to make a cool invention to get out of class. We decided to put a company together about 10 days later it took about 2 months to get our first product running. We use a factory system to make our product.

Product name

Our product is a teleportation device. It basicly a small machine that takes you anywhere you want. The only way to use it is with the Availability of Wifi. It is used for getting around the world fast and easy. Our product is made with metal and a plastic screen. We use an assembly line to make it. We tried to use it by hand but it wasn't as fast.We always do chemicals. One time someone found us and decided to let our product go to bestbuy. Someone could use it to get around the united states very fast and easy. You can buy it at bestbuy, And very expensive stores.


This product cost $1,200 in stores. There is a buy 1 get 1 50% off or Buy 2 and get 1 free. So buy one now that its a sale. You cannot buy more then 1 unless you are doing the deal.


90% of the people that have bought this item have loved and recommended it.
Stephan Curry, Lebron James and Joey Rinehart use and approve it. A lot of people aprove it so you should go out and buy one on your own.

National Pride

This will improved our nationalism by making every person the cant afford a car and gas can save up there money and go buy one at the store. This product is kind of expensive but costs less when you think bout it because you would have to buy a car and put gas in it and buy a plane ticket and if you cant afford it you could by a $1,200 item and get around the country for free


If it breaks you get 1 free and we will repair you yours for $99. If you can't afford it then it doesn't matter because you get a free one anyway.