Team Awesome Update

September 23-27

Social Studies - Cantrell

We are studying Latin America History. Our test will be held on October 9th. Students have been given a study guide to work on as we learn our material. Step 2 of Create a Country is due this Friday, September 27.

English/Language Arts - Wallace

This week in ELA, we'll work on our informational pieces. Students should come in to class on Monday with a complete draft, and we'll work on framing it effectively and successfully making a point. The finished product is due Friday. We'll enjoy a visit to the school library, and we'll also finish up our shared readings and look at other people who have faced the same struggles as those in our book.

Bowdoin and Jarrard

Students will be starting a new unit-" The New Americans." They will be reading informational text and will focus on mastering the following skills: Main Idea and Detail, what to include in an informational essay, how to cite information from the text, and how to correct fragments and run ons in their writing. Please look for students in Mrs. Jarrard's class to have some homework to review some skills they have been working on in class.

Science - Selzer

This week the Plate Tectonics Performance Task will be on Monday September 23rd and the Unit Test for Plate Tectonics will be on Tuesday September 24th.

We will also begin the unit on Rocks and Minerals this week. Students will be looking at samples of minerals and igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. We will practice the vocabulary from the unit and do some activities to help with understanding the rock cycle.

Science and Technology

We will be introducing the Science & Technology Exposition to all 6th graders on Monday, September 30. We will provide a calendar and very detailed information that make the process as simplified as possible. Students and parents are encouraged to begin thinking about a project. However, please don't begin conducting research until all of the guidelines are reviewed with the students at school. There are some changes from last year and we are hopeful that the new process will give students more choices to suit them. Please sign and return required paperwork by Thursday, October 3.

Math - Davis

Regular Math: We will finish Unit 1 on Tuesday with our test and part II of the performance task (secret number). Ask you child about the review work they have been working on. We will begin our Integer/Rational Numbers Unit on Wednesday of next week. Any chance you get to talk about credit/debit, above/below sea level will help to support this unit.

A.C. Math - Students will begin their "contract" work next week on the Rational Numbers Unit. They will have some choice in assignments they complete and when they complete them. I will also continue to post short video lessons on the website. Please read my post about "flipping the classroom"

POW for next week: Checkerboard Problem

I will be available for tutoring, as needed, during the following afternoons:

Monday: Tutoring is CANCELLED for this Monday
Wednesday: Regular Math 3:30-4:30

Please let me know BEFORE the tutoring day, if your child needs to stay.