Pop Art Exhibition

Exeter's phoenix center on Saturday 16th Febuary. At 2:00pm

What is Pop Art?

Pop art is art based on modern popular culture. Many famous artists have created pop art as it is a very popular style, and attracts a wide target audiance. This art became poplular in the 1950s. Many artists take real objects and recreate them. For example claes oldenburg created a giant peg. it was a very popular art piece.

Pop Art Exhibition.

Wednesday, Jan. 16th, 2pm

Exeter Phoenix Center

This is a great oppitunity to experiance pop art. Look around at famous art peices and understand just how amazing pop art is.

Any Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

Andy warhole is an amazing artist and has created art that is shown below. He created art work mainly of people. As he was one of the first artists to repeat images again.Roy Lichtenstein was also an amazing artist but did a complete differentr style. He used comics as his theme and used that idea to crete pop art. Art work that Roy designed is shown below.