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The available reports from the centers for disease control and prevention clearly verify the fact that senior falls have become a common thing. The research has already proved that one of three senior especially aged 65 falls every year. Falls are said to be a major cause of injury death for such people. Besides, it is also known as a root cause of some of nonfatal injuries and also a hospital admission of trauma.

These could also be a major cause in moderate to some severe injuries including hip fractures, head traumas, lacerations. Besides, it is one of the most prominent causes of traumatic brain injuries (TBI). It is always preferred to ‘prevention is better than cure’ in this age. So, it is important to understand various factors that are responsible for creating falls.

Here are some important tips that help your seniors from falls and create a healthy environment at your home.

Regular physic-workouts, you are suggested to encourage your seniors to join a physical exercise program as lack of physical workouts often lead to loss of bone mass, poor muscle tone, decreased strength. All of these could be a major cause of falls and also affect the several injuries caused by falls. So, it is a better idea to choose an exercise program that enhances leg strength and balance, and flexibility. You are, however, advised to make sure the exercises are done properly and regularly. Moreover, seniors must also use proper shoes and shocks to get a perfect balance during their exercise program.

You should consult a doctor of Home Health Care Firm in Bucks County and let them review the medication. Getting in touch with a doctor is certainly a wise decision, in order to get proper advises and tips. You can ask them to review the medication and get the related advises if needed. Besides this, you can also ask them for some important tips to combat side effects.

Consult an eye specialist, senior often faces the visibility problem caused by cataracts and glaucoma, which may even cause them to have the poor sensitivity glare and depth perception. Such factors are responsible for making an adverse impact on their capability of navigating his or her way through the environment.

Make your home fall proof, the environment, you need to make your living place healthy and fall proof. You can adore your every doorway by throwing rugs and several other strategies.