Project Global

The race for survival.


Hello, my name is global. I was designed to study and improve our Earth's spheres. My uniform is gray, it helps me hide. I don't hide because I committed a crime, I hide because they want to destroy me. I was designed to fly high up, dig holes that can't be noticed, swim to the bottom of the ocean, and much more. I was not born, I was made. A group of scientist were hired to work on P.G. Project Global. With so much pollution the world would over heat killing billions of organisms and causing a major affect on our solar system. They worked on Project Global and that's how I got my name. My skin was mutated and I'm able to adapt to my background in minutes. When the president heard about me he feared I would be to efficient. I would make the atmosphere way to good causing another ice age. My house was destroyed and my creators killed. Well now you may be asking your self why haven't I ever heard about Global? You never know, there could be someone like me in your dimension.


The burning of fossil fuels has caused global warming, climate change, extinction of wild life, increase in air pollution, and much more. One of the main causes of Global Warming is gasses being trapped and being able to release the heat into space. As the gasses accumulate they store more and more heat causing the Earth to get warmer. According to the Environmental protection Agency E.P.A. reports, the Earth's temperature has increased by 0.8 degrees Celsius over the past century.