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December 6, 2015

Counting down the days...

"But when the right time came, God sent his Son..." (Galatians 4:4)

As we're counting the days until Christmas, why not take time to build counting and mathematics skills with your child(ren)? There are some great ideas in the article below (taken from Fall 2012 issue of Parent Inspiration).

Building Math Skills

We know from research that children are more likely to be successful learners of any subject when parents actively support their learning.“ 1 Building math skills and number sense begins at home. Unfortunately negative feelings and fear of math also can begin at home.

How to Help

Even if you didn’t like math, had a hard time in math, or still don’t like math, keep those feelings to yourself. Math can be challenging. Encourage your child to stick with an assignment and persevere despite the challenge. Praise effort and hard work. Don’t punish your child for making mistakes in math. Asking them to explain how they worked out an answer; or invite them to show you an example of what they are working on this week. Your interest will help them process what they’ve learned, and keep you aware of what they are learning so you can seek additional help when you feel the topic is one you are less confident in. Knowing what topics they’re studying, even if they don’t need help, provides you with information to find everyday life examples to extend your child’s learning.

Make Math Practical

There are many ways to show your child that math is useful. Having fun with math can help build a positive attitude toward it. When you are writing a check, have your child help you turn the number into words. Help your child figure out area and perimeter to buy carpet or paint a wall if you are remodeling, of just for pretend. Even painting the lines for baseball, football, or basket ball requires measurement. Count things with young children. Cooking together will help your child practice measuring skills and basic fractions, especially if you double or halve the recipe. When you are shopping, have your child help count the change or even pay for the items. Find great everyday math ideas in the free booklet from the US Department of Education at

Homework Help

It is a good idea to check your young child’s math papers to see how they are doing and to make sure they are finishing their homework. You don’t need to check every problem. If your older child is having trouble completing their work it may be helpful to verify that they have completed it. Avoid doing your child’s homework for them or sitting

with them for each problem. Such help teaches children to be dependent instead of independent learners.2 Math problems can be solved in different ways. Sometimes a teacher will ask for a child to use a certain method that may be different from what you learned as a child. Use the method introduced at school to help them practice that skill at first. If they get stuck with one method for more than a day or two, talk to your child’s teacher about other methods for solving the problem that your child may find more helpful. If there is a way you would like to try, talk to the teacher before introducing it. This will help your child see that you and their teacher are working together for their success. Here are some excellent questions from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics to help you support your child without doing their math for them:

  • Are there instructions or directions? What do they say?
  • Can you find help in your textbook or notes?
  • Do you have other problems like this one? Can we look at one of those together?
  • What is your teacher asking you to do? Can you explain it to me?
  • Can you tell me where you are stuck?
  • Can you discuss the problem with a classmate?
  • See the complete list of questions at

1. 2.

Learn More Online

Dress Down Day

Since there are only three Wednesdays of school this month, our 8th grade fundraiser will be on December 18, 2015. For a suggested donation of $5, students may wear casual clothes (think: Christmas colors and styles!). :) Thank you for remembering to keep t-shirt and sweatshirt slogans school appropriate.

Hot Lunch Wednesday - Haystacks

Haystacks, drink and dessert will be provided by the upper graders for Wednesday's hot lunch.

Fruit Orders Delivered December 13th - Tentative

Orders should be delivered on or around the 13th. We will contact you as soon as they arrive. Thank you for helping keep your school open and running!


Please note the information and dates in your packets and plan accordingly. FYI: For the day in December, we are planning to go after school only. Due to the weather, this is a tentative date.

We Are Learning

Weekly Memory Verses

Grades 1-4: Please see sheet.
Grades 5-8: 1 John 3:1, 2

Grades 5-8 will be asked to write their memory verses for the Friday test.

Topics and Themes

  • Bible: Please see sheet (1-4); Unit 2 Test; Forgiveness and Change by Love (5-8)
  • Mathematics: For current topics and practice materials, please use links below.
  • Spelling: Lists are available on Spelling City (5-8).
  • Reading: Comprehension and fluency strategies are learned and practiced as we read Warrior Maiden (1-2), Sarah, Plain & Tall (3-4), and Salt & Pepper (5-8). We extend our usage of these skills during our independent reading time.
  • Writing/Grammar: News writing
  • Social Studies: Southeast United States, Early Spanish Explorers (1-4), American Revolution (5-8)
  • Science: Magnets/Electricity (1-4), Immune System (5-8)

Upcoming Events

Christmas Gifts - CDs for Sale

Monday, Dec. 7th, 8:30pm to Friday, Dec. 18th, 11:45am

202 North Carmel Street

Cadillac, MI

Just in time for Christmas gift giving, Northview is selling the recently released 3ABN CD titled "Hallelujah, We're Home at Last!" The cost is $15 each, and because the CDs were donated to the school, that is 100% profit for our school!

If you need your order shipped, we will be happy to do that for a small extra fee just to cover the expense. Please FB message, call, or text Bethany Bolduc OR call the school.

Thank you! May God richly bless you and your family this holiday season.

Caroling, GLOWing

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 2:15pm

202 North Carmel Street

Cadillac, MI

Please bring warm clothes for this outdoor activity! If you are able to drive/chaperone this event, please contact Mrs. Graham or Mrs. Nietling. Thank you!

Northview Christmas Program 2015 - "The Promised Messiah"

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 6pm

801 East Division Street

Cadillac, MI

Christmas Party - 11:45am Dismissal

Friday, Dec. 18th, 8:30am

202 North Carmel Street

Cadillac, MI

NO SCHOOL - Christmas Break

Saturday, Dec. 19th, 12am to Sunday, Jan. 3rd 2016 at 11:45pm

202 North Carmel Street

Cadillac, MI

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