Tuesday Tech Tips

A little tech goes a long way!

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Do You Have What It Takes to be a Google Ninja?

Try out your Google Ninja skills by earning your Ninja belts to show mastery of the selected Google Apps.

The Ninja Academy is designed to be self-paced so that you can take the time to properly train as you progress from level to level. The ultimate goal is for everyone in the system to be a Black Belt Google Ninja! Each time you complete a belt, you will get a cool Ninja pin to put on your lanyard.

Try your skills at the GSCS Ninja Academy!

Are YOU a Connected Educator?

October is Connected Educator Month, and believe it or not, it is fast approaching!

We hope to help you increase your PLN (Professional Learning Network) by providing meaningful activities during the month of October to get you connected and keep you connected. By developing your PLN, you are gaining great insight into your profession by connecting with educators from across the state, country, and even the globe!

One of our activities is to get educators connected to the world of Twitter! This is a fabulous resource that you can utilize to "speak" to other educators about what is working (or not working) in your classrooms and ways that you can improve your craft.

To begin, go to www.twitter.com and set up your account before October 1st. That's it! Now, if you want to continue exploring, go ahead!

A few that you can follow to get you started are:






Don't Forget to Register for EdCamp Online!

If you have never heard of EdCamp, you are missing out. It's the best kind of conference in the world! Why? Because it is FREE! Because you don't have to go anywhere! Because you can wear your pajamas and flip flops! Because you can meet people from all over the country. Really, EdCamp Online is a totally free conference that you can attend from the comfort of your home or where ever you may be Saturday, October 25, 2014.

EdCamp topics range from student blogging to growing your PLN to Project Based Learning and many other topics in between. With participants from all over the country, there is sure to be a topic of interest to you. Another thing that makes an EdCamp different than other conferences is that if you don't like the session you are in, it is perfectly permissible to use the "law of two feet". You can leave the session you are in if it is not meeting your needs. It's okay to go where you want when you want.

If you would like to attend this awesome unconference, register here.

Ready for a Good Discussion? Try Socratic Smackdown!

Socratic Smackdown offers a fun approach to having students practice discussion strategies. Socratic Smackdown is a printable game designed to be played with up to forty students at a time. In the game, students are awarded points for using each of six questioning and discussion methods. Students can lose points for interrupting or distracting others.

Click here for a video introduction for Socratic Smackdown and here for a PDF of the game packet that is aligned to Common Core standards.

Help Is on the Way!

Many of you have undergone Google Apps Training. We know that you have been given a lot of information, and you may be overwhelmed. Here is a Google Docs Cheat sheet that you can use to help you as you navigate new territory.
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