Hiroshima, Japan

The One And The Only

Place Of Beauty

Beautiful mountains, a sea, rivers, valleys, and plains. Sounds beautiful doesn't it? The mountains make up 2.2% of Japan's land mass. Lot of mountains to possibly climb! But make sure you know their language, Japanese, too. And if anything you need Yen. Japan's money!
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Want to know where Hiroshima is? 132.45970 IS THE longitude and 34.396270 is the latitude. If you are looking for it on a world map you can look for the bottom of Japan, near the left.


Being in Japan isn't honestly enough information. The region is the Chugoku (San'yo). The island of Honshu. The capital is Hiroshima (city).And the total miles is 8,476.65 km2 (3,272.97 sq mi).

Did you know?

The population of Hiroshima is 1,143,841 or 2.86 million. The national tree is a Japanese Maple. The national bird is a Red throated Diver. 70,073 pregnancys end in birth defects (caused by Radiation.)

Human/ Environment Interactions

With all the pollution there here is the main two, Air Pollution and Radioactive Pollution. The farms there produce,rice, oranges, chrysanthemums, rushes, and cattle.


Hiroshima produces, steel, automobiles,rubber, chemicals, ships, and transport machines in factories.