Hampton Bays Middle School

Monday Memo #22


Dear T.E.A.M. :

As we've discussed throughout this year, one of our top priorities this year is COLLABORATION. It's a quality so many of our teachers model daily, it's vital for our students to see and experience in action, and it promotes our school as a vibrant learning organization.

The month of January was BUSY! We've had events ranging from concerts and festivals to parent meetings, and numerous middle school community events and celebrations of our students' accomplishments. Without listing every event, if you were there, you know what I'm talking about.

The consistent strand among each of these events? Evidence of COLLABORATION.

As a school we have an obligation to celebrate our students. And we've seen so many of our teachers who are willing to share evidence of celebration of our students in our classrooms, teams, and grade levels. So many teachers have taken the time to display and share student work, have intentionally carved out time to collaborate with another, and have invited administrators (and via Twitter, parents) to share in the experience to see learning and collaboration IN ACTION. For me, seeing this kind of evidence not only affirms for me the excellent work teachers do, but it also provides opportunities to bring people together. What's our common interest? Creating experiences that are best for kids.

Below, you will find the latest installment of our We Are HBMS! I encourage you to visit this link as well as the previous month's links. It will not only give viewers the chance to "walk down memory lane" but it also may spark an idea for further collaboration. At our last Faculty Meeting, we visited with other colleagues who share the same non-teaching periods. This week, Team Leaders will receive a document that can support further cross-class, cross-team, cross-department, and cross-grade collaboration. Because working together is what will fuse our commitment to excellence. When we share what is successful to fully engaged teaching and learning, we all benefit. So keep an eye out for that document and please see me if you have ideas for where we might go next to build even greater levels of collaboration among our school community. If there's anything I can do to support, your success and growth as a teacher and a learner, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm here for you!

Thanks for you dedication to our students and our middle school program. Let's work together to make this week great for our students!


We Are HBMS! (Click Below.)

Powerful Learning at HBMS this Week!

For more, visit www.hbschools.us or follow our school Twitter account @HamptonBays_MS!

Let's keep sharing and celebrating the great things happening in our classrooms and school.

Remember...we are learners first.

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