Mrs. Hart's Weekly Update

Week of 9/21-9/25

Weekly Agenda, News and Important Dates!!

Good Afternoon Students and Parents,

I hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable weekend.

We have a lot going on this week. If you are in Pre-AP, your summer reading project was due today when you came to class! Whew! What a relief to be done with that! :) That is a summative grade, and I will need some time to grade all the projects thoroughly. Thank you all for being understanding about that.

Yesterday and today, we have been working on our Personal Narrative. This is the (summative) assignment that will conclude the beginning of our first unit (remember: each unit is divided into two parts. We just completed Unit 1 part 1). Yesterday, we began our rough draft in class. Today we are revising and editing our rough draft. The final draft is due at the start of class on Thursday 9/24/2015. If you do not remember the format, or expectations for this assignment, the PowerPoint we used to guide us is available on my Moodle page.

As for the rest of the week:

Wednesday & Thursday: We will demonstrate our use of testing strategies on a reading comprehension test. It is ONE passage, with 25 questions (all multiple choice, ranging from definition questions, reading comprehension questions, and editing questions). Read carefully and take your time. You have TWO class periods to complete the test, USE THEM! :)

Friday- LIBRARY DAY and Unit 2 vocabulary quiz. We now have unit 1 vocabulary under our belts, it was scary, and we weren't fans of it. The learning tool we should take away from our unit 1 experience is our need to create study habits. The format for the quiz does not change. It is still multiple choice, and we are all still responsible for understanding and being able to apply the definitions, synonyms and antonyms of our words to our quiz.

If anyone has any questions, or concerns, please email me. Otherwise, I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their week!


Mrs. Hart

Mrs. Hart's Important Information

Tutoring hours are:

**Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8 am-8:35 am

**Monday-Thursday, after school, with 24 hour notice

**I am in my last 8 weeks of pregnancy, meaning my doctor needs to see me every two weeks. I need the notice, especially after school, to confirm if I will be here or not. Unfortunately, office hours fall right in line with school hours. I will give students the same 24 hour notice if I plan to be gone for any reason, and it conflicts with tutorial times. Thank you all for being understanding and flexible with this.