Keep Calm and Play On

-Caitlyn Thoene-

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How I Got Into It

 Ever since I went to my brother’s soccer practice, I loved the sport. My dad loves soccer too. He has played ever since he was a little kid and coached my team and my brother’s team. I have been playing my entire life.  Since I was 5, I was playing Town and Country soccer club and then I went to select soccer. I am currently on the 99g team for Crossfire.


Once a girl on the other team had passed all the mid-fielders and defenders. It was only her and our goalie. I sprinted up behind her and slid onto the ground (slide tackle). We were both on the ground and I got up before her. I took the ball and passed it up. They almost scored on us, but I stopped them.  


I can run/sprint for a long time without getting tired. That is a great quality for a soccer player to have because in each game we all run around 5 miles. The games are 35-40 minutes each half. So all together we are all pretty much sprinting the entire game. For example, when we were in the semi-finals of a tournment. We were tied 0-0 at the end of the game. But one team had to win. we had already gone into over time and as you would imagine, thats a lot of                                 running/sprinting. We ended up having to go into penalty kicks and we won. We ran over 5 miles that game, but we were so proud of ourselves. When we got home, i was wiped out. I slept so well that night!


I think soccer is an awesome sport. You get to run and push people around and trying to get it into their goal. When my team makes a goal it is honestly the best feeling. We are all the happiest people in the world and we can’t stop smiling. I hope soccer stays in my life forever because it is so much fun and I love it. (:

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